Press Release

Friday June 14, 2013
Thirteen Twenty Three Exhibition

a space
964 Dean Street
Brooklyn, NY 11238

For artists and information:


As artists, we have control over what we make and in turn what is seen. This exhibition is a culmination of our present practices as we dictate by hand our collective futures. We disregard any perceived framework and remodel how our work exists in a space.  Values transfer to glass, time is constructed in neon, landscapes are consolidated and performed. Gold blurs image.

Our ideas are the catalyst for the future.  The corresponding exhibition will be held June 14, 2023 in New York, most likely at the MOMA.


Opening Reception:
Friday June 14, 6-11pm

Show runs June 14 – 16


Come see Hurry Slowly, the result of Zach’s attempt to revert his temporal perception to that of childhood on Thursday May 17th 2012 @ The Providence Convention Center (Dunkin Donuts Center) 1 La Salle Square Providence, RI 02903 between 6 and 8 pm.